Contemporary Albums

Our unique contemporary photo albums are the ultimate keepsake to preserve your wedding day memories.

Gold Wedding Album

40 pictures

30″ x 30″



Platinum Wedding Album

60 pictures

 30″ x 30″



Diamond Wedding Album

80 pictures

 30″ x 30″



Each album is a bespoke creation in itself, allowing you to choose either 40, 60 or 80 of your carefully chosen favourite pictures, which will then be displayed within the high quality, glossy finished pages.

Unlike any other wedding photography album, the Kensington photographers wedding album is designed to display your pictures with maximum effect, creating either a double or single page exposure.

The Kensington Photographers photo albums have a white leatherette external covering, which lends itself perfectly for your names to be placed on. The inside of the photo album is especially designed using a simple and minimalistic look.

You will also notice that panoramic layout of the photo album has also been specifically created to highlight every unique moment of your special day.

All albums are protected and presented in a beautiful leatherette presentation box, designed to keep your most cherished memories safe for many years to come.

Shipping is included.

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