Meet the team!

Mick - Photographer

Mick is still as excited to immerse and get involved in the whole excitement and joy of weddings, and wedding photography. He has the ability to appear when needed, and to be stealth like to capture those moments when people don’t even realised they are being photographed, which he believes produces the most natural looking images and emotions.

Ben - Photographer

Capturing those illusive unscripted moments is something that never gets old and I feel very blessed to do what I love for a living. To me, a good wedding photographer should aim to make people at ease and blend in – who wants to be bossed about on their special day!? If I’ve done my job right, I’ll photograph those amazing moments without you even noticing and you’ll have images that can be treasured forever.

Emily – Photographer

My style is candid and natural, during a wedding I always focus on catching real emotions, funny moments, and describe the day in a simple and artistic way.
Your wedding is the most beautiful day in your life, so it is important for me to describe every detail like location, flowers, reception, thank you cards and so on. Every little detail will help to give a sense of your story with a beginning and end. During the day, think about me as a normal guest, sneaking around everywhere, to shoot lovely moments. So if you are looking for a relaxed and human approach, with no stress and lots of fun here I am!

Rudolf - Photographer

Rudolf has been a Photographer for over 12 years. His passion and professionalism is second to none. He aims to deliver images that capture the emotions and moments of your special day, which can then be savoured and shared by all, and most importantly kept forever.

Paul - Photographer

Paul’s candid style of wedding photography is supported by his approach to photography, grounded in both the study of photography and his years as a photographer. His passion to capture the ultimate picture within its natural context is second to none; benefiting all newly weds that desire natural images to transpire from their special day. Eliciting a spectrum of emotions, Paul aims to produce a wedding day story in image, that can be cherished and shared forever.

Arnie – Photographer

Wedding photography has been my passion for many years. I love to capture a couples wedding day in all it’s glory.
My documentary photography style is full of warmth, happiness and some unexpected shots.
My approach is authentic, unscripted, and tells a unique love story bespoke to you as a couple: and I seek to approach each wedding individually and personally.
My goal is to show the true beauty of love, emotion, grace and all the specific details from the brides dress to the first dance!
I love what I do, and my passion is certainly expressed in your photos - that’s my story.

Martin - Photographer

Martin is crazy about special moments, he loves capturing the energy these things stoke up, seeing them through his lens and telling the story. Each project for him is unique and interesting. His aim is to give you fresh, honest, vibrant images that are as unique as you are.
He's not a ninja but I will blend into the crowd while documenting your epic day or give you a little gentle direction while we’re out at portraits, but in the end he just wants you to be you.

David - Photographer

David’s approach to wedding photography brings a unique and timeless quality to your collection. His background in reportage film photography influences and shapes his work, giving a uniquely vintage and cinematic aesthetic, ensuring that your wedding photographs are truly special and will be treasured for a lifetime.

Mike – Wedding Videographer / Photographer

I started investing my time into videography/photography around 10 years ago and since then it has become the way of my life. I feel crazy lucky that I do this as a job, as this is my passion and absolutely don't mind putting extra effort and hours to produce stunning results. Being able to make a married couple happy with photographs/videos I produced is absolutely incredible, nothing beats that feeling. On your special day I am fully dedicated as it is not just my job, it's my passion.

Alex - Videographer

Alex has been exploring his love of videography for over 10 years. His passion lies in digital storytelling - engaging the senses, capturing the emotions behind a moment and showcasing the beauty that lies in the details, resulting in uniquely beautiful and emotive videos that add value to people's lives. He prides himself in understanding the needs of his clients and in his attention to detail, through which he his able to create high-quality videos in his characteristic bright and cinematic style.

Louis – Wedding Videographer

Louis’ aim is to present you an emotive and timeless visual experience of your wedding through authentic and unobtrusive videography. Recognising the significance of your wedding day as one that you’ll remember forever, it is important for him to be provide you with stunning and personal wedding films that will immerse you and your loved ones back into your wedding every time you view them.

James – Wedding Photographer

I’m a lover of the candid’s; the moments between the moments. I’m always looking for the tears, love and laughter that come from the emotion of your day. I want your wedding gallery to be personal to you, and each time you look through it for you to feel like you’re there once again. Every detail is important, from your shoe laces to the icing on the cake, I’ll be there to make sure you’ll remember it all, forever.

Egle - Creative & Social Media

Egle is behind those beautiful TKP instagram posts and inspiring stories. She is our ‘go to’ person with ‘everything style, visuals and aesthetics’.

“I am always seeking and searching. I am smitten by the thought that if we remain curious–– if we consistently read books, eat the food of chefs we admire, take in art, architecture, color and texture, fashion & style, scroll the Instagram’s of designers that intrigue us–– then we cultivate this state of inspiration that is just so great for creativity”.

Jason – Enquiries & Bookings

Jason – he’s our admin and booking guy. He’s your point of contact for communication and correspondence up until the time of your special day. He liaises between you and the photographers to make sure all preparation and requirement needs are attended to.

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