Wedding Photography Guide & Planner

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To get the most out of your wedding photography, please fill in, save, and email us your wedding photography guide & planner at least 1 month prior to your wedding day

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Our Wedding Photography Guide & Planner allows you to:

• Set an agenda for your wedding photography.

• Write down all the locations and times throughout your wedding day

• Requests all the extra pictures you require in addition to the classic wedding pictures

• Help plan your wedding group photos.

• In addition, you will also find top tips of how to get the best wedding photos

• And much more…

How To Get The Best Out Of Your Wedding Photographer

Ps..... You may also be interested to know ‘How to get the best out of your wedding Photographer’ is also available as a paperback book on Amazon for £9.99

Our top tip! Use the Guide & Planner as the ultimate notebook to carry with you and keep as a ‘keep sake’, then transfer the information onto your digital version. Please fill it in, save it, then email us the digital version at least 1 month prior to your wedding day. View Packages & Cost of wedding photography


Really like the size of this wedding photography planner, it sets the day out simply and allows us as the bride and groom to be able to note down our ideas. It allows us to define our definite wants when the wedding photographer in London is capturing images on the day. Love the different sections that cover all aspects of the day. Brilliant planner from Jason and the guys at the Kensington Photographer.

Naomi Gough

Having a read through of this guide has definitely made me feel better during this horrible and uncertain time. With the uncertainty of our original wedding date still going ahead, it’s nice to be able to look through and make notes and get excited again. It will definitely help us get the most out of our day and especially help to communicate with the Kensington photographers about our style. I especially like the notes pages as it helps make this personal and will be a keepsake that we can look back on. Thanks guys! Amy & Lewis

Lewis Atkinson

The Kensington Photographer’s ‘how to get the best out of your wedding photographer’ Is a fantastic buy and a must have in my eyes. If you are a clueless bride/groom like us then this guide and planner is perfect for you. It gives many ideas of different photo shots for specific parts of the day from the bride getting ready right through to the first dance. I’m and so glad I have brought this as I can start adding to the planner sections for any extra photos we may come across, or think of in the upcoming months to our wedding. Therefore ensuring that Jason can capture our magical day in the ways we wish it to be captured :-)


Although I knew I was never going to be the bridezilla type, one thing I knew I wanted perfect was the wedding photography – and it was something my fiancé and I agreed on. This guide helps in taking the ideas from your head and put them into a visual perspective while also reminding you on the little details you might quite easily forget about – especially when there are 101 other things to be thinking about during the planning of a wedding. I think what I like most about this guide is the fact that it actually comes from the experts – not just the experts in wedding photography but the actual experts in weddings in general – because they’ve been to a few! I’ve got a while to think about all the finer details for my wedding but I know it’ll creep up on me out of nowhere – so at least I’ve got this guide to put my mind at rest and ensure that all of the practical parts come together nicely so I can have a structured, non-stressful (I hope) wedding. Thoroughly recommend this guide for anyone who needs a helping wedding hand!

Emily Sevenoaks

I must admit I’m a bit of a control freak, and I have planned every part of our wedding with military precision, well that’s what my fiancée says.
The only part of my wedding I realised I had no control over was my wedding photos. Apart from a consultation based on pictures that the photographer had taken previously and given him some information on the venue, I was leaving the rest up to him to capture my most cherished moments on the most important day of my life.
Fortunately, I came across this guide and planner, that was recommended by a friend. It sets out the whole of your wedding day, right from bridal preparation to the party after the first dance.
This is also a practical and workable guide and planner, so you can fill in where necessary, your locations, times and visual ideas. It is also filled with top tips on how to prepare you to get the best pictures and how to structure your day. This may all sound very formal, however, ironically it’s the absolute opposite; because on my wedding day, I’ve realised I don’t have to run around trying to remember all the pictures I want, and trying to arrange people for their photos. I can simply hand this guide to my wedding photographer, and leave the rest to him.

Taress Walter