The Kensington Photographer has created The Ultimate Guide & Planner for your Wedding Photography - £9.99

So, you’ve planned and prepared every aspect of your Wedding Day, but surprisingly not your wedding photos. Sure, you’ve looked around numerous amounts of wedding fairs, searched the internet, and had many conversations with potential wedding photographers.

But how involved are you when it comes to getting across your wedding photography needs and desires, and what involvement do you have in the planning and preparation of how this will be achieved.

It amazed me the first time I looked at this aspect of a Wedding from a client’s perspective, thinking that they are solely relying on the photographer to be the ultimate mind reader, being able to visualise what the clients dreams and aspirations were when it came to their wedding story in images. In addition, the photographer would also have to have the ability to remember every request which would finally appear in the wedding photos on the day.

The purpose of this guide is to ensure that you do not miss any of those important pictures that you will not get a second chance to capture. We have one chance to get it right, so the more we can plan and prepare, the better. With this approach you will get the wedding photos that ‘you want’. It also gives you an opportunity to structure your day and create an agenda.


It allows you to….

  • Set an agenda for your wedding photography.
  • Write down all the locations and times throughout your wedding day, where you require your wedding photographer to be.
  • Requests all the extra pictures you require in addition to the classic wedding pictures, such as pictures with family, friends, children, items and even pets.
  • Help plan your wedding group photos.
  • In addition, you will also find top tips of how to get the best wedding photos
  • And much more…

To purchase your copy of the Ultimate Guide & Planner for your Wedding Photography tap on the link below.

How To Get The Best Out Of Your Wedding Photographer